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Ummmy Deliciousness

Our Sons Bakery is known for its menu of 50+ flavorful gourmet baked confections known as Ummmy Bars. Ummmy bars are a delectable trifecta of a cookie, cake, and brownie combination. Using high-quality ingredients and signature recipes, our bars result in the perfect combination of soft, chewy, and decadent deliciousness. Customers rave about the rich satisfaction they experience devouring our bars.  Order now to try our fan favorites and see for yourself what all they hype is about. Don't just take our word for it. Treat yourself today - because you deserve deliciousness!



Our Sons Bakery is a family-operated food-based social enterprise designed to help advance black and brown male youth in the areas of education, income, and health. We offer high quality baked goods at a competitive price to create a sustainable funding source for youth to engage in entrepreneurship and pro-social engagement activities that help to minimize academic achievement gaps, juvenile delinquency, and social adversity.

Deliciousness Gives Back

Each dollar you spend fulfills our goal to give youth from traditionally disinvested communities the opportunity to develop as entrepreneurs and create economically sustainable livelihoods. Your support helps our youth to develop the economic foundation to live in dignity, free from criminality, intellectual stagnation, and poor health.

As we equip our youth with baking skills and a socially conscious mindset cultivated for entrepreneurial growth, they also are primed to enjoy financial independence, social mobility, and active participation in their communities as invested leaders.

Purchasing our bars not only delights your taste palate; it also invests in legal and viable enterprises that will help to build our economy. 



Tel. 317-643-1033

Indianapolis, IN 46205

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