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Our Grand Disheveled Arrival

So..... HERE we are. Barely... but in the flesh and in the raw.

And I'll take that over not arriving any day.


My frustrations encourage me to tell you how I had written a blog post that I was most certainly proud of last week. It was going to be my first self-published blog post EVER! I actually made a mental proclamation to deem it a worthy inaugural blog post, because it was such a stellar and well-polished piece of writing. It was well written in my opinion simply because it was actually a finished thought in the form of words typed out on a screen. That was a major success for me, because I honestly despise writing. I do appreciate expression in all of its beautiful forms, but writing isn't something that comes easy for me. I can talk on videos for hours, but I just can't seem to hit the computer keys quick enough to process my thoughts, nor is my wrist stroke capable of the task of keeping up with a mind that's constantly racing against itself. The anxious flutter in my chest that companions me isn't a relief to my writing frustration. It is well instigated by my pompous inner critic that doesn't allow me to finish things because nothing is seemingly ever good enough. In fact, my eyes are sore and my head is pounding with pressure to signal a mental SOS in the hopes that I'd abandon this mission. Inner dialogue of anticipating disappointment waiting to happen is the reason why I hate writing.

But here I AM, pressing forward and moving on. The birth of this blog, website, and business is a long-suffered idea that has procrastinated itself into existence finally after five years. I am actually proud for taking the time to commit by shutting up, sitting down, swallowing my perfectionist pride to just get it done.

So if you have made it this far through my post without being averted by my words of angst and pessimism... Congratulations and thank you so much for your support. I consider us Like Minds. Shit is not always peachy, pleasant, and empowering in life, but we are left with no choice but to sit back and find our way to the next chill, peaceful, and exciting phases of life. Most of my internal interactions are often fun, light, insightful, and positive. On the other hand, I have also found myself immobilized and defeated by my emotional states, and in complete disarray from my depressed and anxious mental states that keep me incapable of connecting with others, or getting things done days or weeks at a time. This inner critic may have good intentions of trying to help my brain cope with traumatic experiences from my past, but my post-traumatic stress disorder has complicated my life with challenges that require extra support. In fact extra social supports and mutual aid groups changed my life.

People with shared experiences of various life challenges have been my teachers, and connection to reality that we are all navigating something and all require a little nudge at times to keep moving. In turn, my journey has taught me to gracefully accept the reality that my life won't always polished, well-written, or critically acclaimed but the support of Like Minded individuals who can accept that reality with me make pressing forward all worth it in the end.So I carry extra compasses with me now to help others navigate the same life challenges I once did. I hope you're someone I can hand one to or obtain one from. Happy Navigating! Welcome to Like Minds.

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